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Document Name Document Number Responsible Office Last Revision Date
Absence from Class (pre-approved) 22.004 Faculty Affairs
Academic Affairs Conduct Guidance AA.22.015 Academic Affairs 02/21/2023
Academic Planning Manual AA.22.003 Academic Affairs
Accreditation Expenses AA.22.014 Academic Affairs 10/04/2022
Asset Tracking Policy for the Departments of Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic AA.22.013 Academic Affairs 09/02/2022
Campus Assessment Team Charge and Membership AA.22.020 Academic Affairs
CSU Executive Order 1107 CO-01.1107 Office of the President 03/24/2017
Difference in Pay Leaves CBA-28 Faculty Affairs
Emeritus Awards HDBK-308a Academic Senate
Extension of Chair Terms 22.005 Faculty Affairs
Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award HDBK-308b Academic Senate
Faculty Expansion Line Allocation Guidance AA.22.008 Faculty Affairs 10/01/2021
Faculty Leadership and Service Award HDBK-308c Academic Senate
Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Award HDBK-308d Academic Senate
Guidelines for Instructional Faculty Addressing Potential COVID-19 Exposures AA.22.007 Faculty Affairs 08/31/2021
Honors Program Department Participation Supplement AA.22.018 Academic Affairs 02/15/2023
Initiation, Assignation, and Change of Course Prefixes AA.22.012 Academic Affairs
Interim CSU Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Exploitation, D EIC-01.0001 Division of Equity, Inclusion, and Compliance 12/24/2021
Leaves with Pay CBA-23 Faculty Affairs
Leaves without Pay CBA-22 Faculty Affairs
Modality Shifting Guidance AA.22.016 Academic Affairs 12/07/2022
NAGPRA/CalNAGPRA Moratorium on Native American Remains and Cultural Items AA.22.021 Academic Affairs 08/30/2023
Option to Retreat Policy AA.22.022 Academic Affairs
Outstanding Lecturer Award HDBK-308f Academic Senate
Policy Concerning the Use of CSUB’s Assessment Management System AA.22.019 Academic Affairs
Promising New faculty Award HDBK-308e Academic Senate
PROVOST Direct Reports Professional Development Funding AA.22.010 Academic Affairs 03/22/2022
Retention, Tenure, and Promotion HDBK-305 Faculty Affairs
RTP Committee Policy Interpretation 22.001 Faculty Affairs 12/11/2020
Sabbatical Leaves CBA-27 Faculty Affairs
Spring Commencement Student Participation Policy AA.22.011 Academic Affairs 03/24/2022
Teaching Responsibilities HDBK-303 Faculty Affairs
Tenure Track Hiring Handbook 22.002 Faculty Affairs
UPRC-Initiated Academic Program Review Guidance AA.22.017 Academic Affairs 02/15/2023
Use of University Property and Time, Place and Manner Regulations (Interim Policy) OE-01.001 Office of Events