Campus Assessment Team Charge and Membership

CSU Bakersfield Policy

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CSUB’s Assessment Management System (e.g. Task Stream) is utilized as a central repository for planning, managing, and documenting the assessment activities of academic and non-academic (i.e. administrative) units at CSU Bakersfield. This policy provides clarity regarding the purpose, access, and maintenance of this system.


All Academic Departments 
Senate Resolution 222304 revised the Campus Assessment Team charge and membership as follows.

The CSU Bakersfield Campus Assessment Team aims to create a sustainable culture of assessment at the institution by providing a forum for meaningful discussion of assessment related issues. The Team meets at least twice a semester to
•    Encourage compliance with university assessment requirements.
o    Review the status of program assessment activities across the university.
o    Provide feedback on program assessment quality. 
o    Encourage the posting of program assessment information to the campus assessment management system. 
o    Share information about the status of the university in the WSCUC reaccreditation process.
•    Support programs and their faculty and staff in achieving their assessment goals.
o    Ensure at least one professional development activity for assessment coordinators and other interested faculty occurs every semester
o    Encourage the Provost and/or Faculty TLC to provide sufficient resources to support these professional development activities. 
o    Discuss strategies for utilizing assessment activities to achieve campus retention and graduation goals.
o    Provide a forum for Program Assessment Coordinators to share ideas and best practices and to express concerns. 
•    Promote “evidence-based storytelling” to communicate assessment findings to CSUB stakeholders (e.g., community, donors, legislators/politicians, and others).
o    Curate content for public-facing university assessment webpages.
o    Produce a campus assessment newsletter documenting best practices for program assessment.
•    Maintain up-to-date draft position descriptions including recommended compensation for
o    School Assessment Coordinators
o    Program Assessment Coordinators
•    Provide an annual overview of program assessment activities, results and potential needed improvements in program assessment to the Academic Affairs Committee of the Academic Senate. 
Assessment Leadership Team Representatives serve as liaisons between their units and assessment offices on campus. These representatives include the following:
• WSCUC Accreditation Liaison Officer (meeting convener)
• Associate Vice-President for Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment or designee
• General Education Faculty Assessment Coordinator
• Arts and Humanities Faculty Assessment Coordinator
• Business and Public Administration Faculty Assessment Coordinator
• Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering Faculty Assessment Coordinator
• Social Sciences and Education Faculty Assessment Coordinator
• Extended Education Faculty Assessment Coordinator
• Vice-President for Student Affairs or designee
• A School Associate Dean designated by the Dean’s Council