Vehicular Use and Speed Limit on Campus Service Roads and Red Brick Road

CSU Bakersfield Policy

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University Police
Primary Author:
Chief of Police
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This policy provides guidance for Authorized Vehicles, safe traffic flow, and a speed limit for Service Roads on the California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) campus.


Authorized VehiclesEmergency vehicles, authorized state vehicles, CSUB electric and gas-operated carts, University Policy Department (UPD) vehicles, authorized vendor vehicles per CSUB policy, and CSUB maintenance and service vehicles used for campus activities.  Vehicles not mentioned above may access campus Service Roads with prior permission from UPD.  All other vehicles, including those used or operated by CSUB employees, require prior permission from UPD.  When such prior permission from UPD is granted, the specific vehicle permitted by UPD will be considered an Authorized Vehicle as defined herein.

Service Roads: Roadways within the CSUB campus, the use of which are limited to Authorized Vehicles only. 

Red Brick Road:  The pedestrian walkway extending from the GET Bus turnaround, south to the Student Way turnaround.


CSUB Service Roads located within restricted areas of campus serve as a means of accessing various areas of campus for official purposes.  It is critical to the safe and orderly operation of the university to restrict use these roadways to Authorized Vehicles.  

Campus Service Roads include the following:
  1. The roadway between the bollards north of Rowdy Way on Roadrunner Drive, extending north to Science II.
  2. The roadway between the bollards east of the Student Way turnaround, extending east Science II. 
  3. The roadway between the UPD Station, extending east to the bollards located south of the Student Recreation Center (SRC). 

The maximum speed limit for Authorized Vehicles on Service Roads is 15 mph.  Authorized Vehicles utilizing Service Roads must use extreme caution and yield to pedestrian traffic. 

Red Brick Road Pedestrian Walkway:

Authorized Vehicles defined above are restricted from utilizing the Red Brick Road pedestrian walkway, including adjacent sidewalks, unless the Authorized Vehicle driver has official business in the area near or adjacent to the Red Brick Road, and the availability of the vehicle being driven is required to perform that official business.

UPD electric and non-electric patrol vehicles are authorized to use the Red Brick Road pedestrian walkway.