Academic Affairs Conduct Guidance

CSU Bakersfield Policy

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Academic Affairs
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Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
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Personal conduct is the foundation of any effective organization.  The purpose of this guidance is to provide clarity to faculty, staff, and MPPs in Academic Affairs related to maintaining respectful and accountable interactions.  By deploying these changes, the goal is to improve incident/complaint management in the Office of Provost thereby improving institutional culture.  
Summary of proposed changes (Chart attached):
•    Better manage incidents that do not cross the Title IX and DHR (Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation) threshold
•    AVP for Faculty Affairs will sort incidents and route them to various intervention groups: Faculty Ombudsperson, Associate Deans, Committee for Professional Responsibility, or the New Professional Responsibility Coordinator
•    New Professional Responsibility Coordinator, reporting to the AVP for Faculty Affairs, would be a confidential employee that supports the AVP in inquiries and reporting of Academic Affairs incidents 
•    “Deputy Title IX Officer” title added to AVP for Faculty Affairs to increase the visibility of Title IX in Academic Affairs 
•    Maxient incident management software deployed in Academic Affairs to replace paper filings  
•    Formalize preliminary review of incidents/complaints and referrals to either Associate Deans/AVPs and/or New Professional Responsibility Coordinator 
•    New Title IX and DHR training with conflict resolution training for all current and new Associate Deans 
•    Increase funding for Faculty Ombudsperson 
•    Renew the Academic Senate’s Committee for Professional Responsibility to coordinate with Faculty Affairs 

Relevant Institutional and Systemwide Policies:
•    Statement of Professional Responsibilities for the Faculty (Appendix F Academic Handbook) 

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