Computer Laptop Policy

CSU Bakersfield Policy

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Responsible Office:
Information Technology Services
Primary Author:
Rich Nelson
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The purpose of this policy is to communicate the standards for purchasing computer hardware for CSUB faculty and staff computers.


This applies to all faculty and staff
The CSU Bakersfield ITS department has updated the Standard Supported Hardware list for computers.  Due to the need to maintain instructional and service continuity by increasing the mobile readiness of CSU Bakersfield, the Standard Supported Hardware list will be comprised of mobile devices only.  Exceptions to the policy would require ITS and MPP approval and will include a justification (provided by requester) and ITS review.  ITS will determine the level of support available for exceptions to the Standard Supported

Hardware policy.  MPPs who approve policy exceptions should include continuity planning within their own business continuity plan(s).

The Standard Supported Hardware list is designed to continue normal Instructional and Business Administrative services by establishing the following as a standard employee technology setup while simultaneously providing increased mobility to all CSU Bakersfield staff and faculty.

This policy will be reviewed every two years by the Director of Support Services or designate.