Use of University Property and Time, Place and Manner Regulations (Interim Policy)

CSU Bakersfield Policy

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The purpose of this policy is to facilitate the effective use and enjoyment of the University’s property as an educational institution.  Orderly procedures are necessary to promote the use of University property, to conserve and protect University property, to prevent interference with or disruption of University sanctioned business, operations and/or activities, to avoid imperiling public safety, and to protect the rights of those using University property.

The University is committed to free expression as essential to its educational mission. The University is also committed to enabling recognized student organizations, affiliated organizations, campus organizations, non-affiliated organizations, University faculty, University staff, auxiliary organizations and their employees, and all third party individuals, groups and members of the public, including commercial vendors or solicitors, in hosting a variety of activities on campus to supplement and enrich the educational experience.

The University recognizes, however, that some activities may disrupt the orderly operation of the University and/or can raise significant security or safety concerns. To ensure the safety of the University and the campus community while protecting First Amendment rights of those who wish to participate in activities hosted on University property, the University will enforce this policy.  All criteria for assessing activities shall be applied in a viewpoint neutral manner.  Activities on University property may require additional security measures.


All persons using University property must abide by University policies and the law. 
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