CSUB Confidentiality of Email Policy

CSU Bakersfield Policy

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Information Technology Services
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CIO & AVP of Information Technology
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Describe CSUB's approach to the Confidentiality of Email


Email is used for communication both in the performance of university business and also for personal needs. This policy describes how CSUB approaches confidentiality of email.


All members of the campus community and email coming from outside our organization to our users.
While the University supports each individual's right to personal communication, and will take reasonable steps to ensure the privacy and security of email and the network, messages on University computing resources are potentially accessible to others through normal system administration activities and to the public through public records laws. Hence, the University cannot guarantee privacy of electronic communication.
Additionally, files may be examined by systems personnel with appropriate administrative authority to determine if a user is acting in violation of the policies set forth in this document, other University policies, and state and/or federal law. Requests for access to private messages/data for any other purpose than technical problem resolution will need to be approved by the Provost or his/her designee and/or will be responded to as required by state and federal law, except as necessary to protect the integrity, security and effective operation of the University. Reasonable expectations of privacy are diminished once electronic communications are sent to other users or posted on public systems. As in a written communication, any e-mail message received by an individual will be considered the prerogative of the recipient to dispose of (copy, delete, save, send to others, etc.) as he/she desires. An electronic message should be accorded care and courtesy similar to that accorded a written communication.
This policy shall be reviewed every two years by the Chief Information Security Officer and provided to the Associate Vice President & CIO and provided to the Vice President Business and Administrative Services for approval and then to Cabinet for final approval.