Protection of Confidential Data in Non-Production Environment

CSU Bakersfield Policy

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Information Technology Services
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Director, ITS - Enterprise Applications
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Establish a standard of practices to safeguard confidential data in PeopleSoft non-production environment.  This includes leveraging data masking or restrict access to essential personnel. 


Data masking or data obfuscation is the process of modifying sensitive data in such a way that it is of no or little value to unauthorized intruders while still being usable by software or authorized personnel.


This policy applies to all PeopleSoft environments managed by the campus.
Standard Procedures
Effective as indicated, all data refresh (aka clone) to PeopleSoft non-production environment will include additional steps to mask confidential data.  Campus shell leverage standard-masking profile provided by the Chancellor’s Office CMS team.  The standard masking profile includes the following

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Suppose specific testing or project activities require an instance to be unmasked. In that case, all PeopleSoft accounts in an unmasked instance will be locked except for the PeopleSoft core development and testing team members. Appropriate business justifications shall also accompany unmasked data refresh requests. An unmasked instance will have a default end date of two weeks unless requested otherwise.