Email Blocking Policy and Procedures

CSU Bakersfield Policy

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Information Technology Services
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CIO & AVP of Information Technology
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This document defines the policy and procedure for blocking repeated and unwanted email.


This policy applies to all faculty, staff, and students.

SPAM and Unsolicited Email:

Members of the CSUB Community who have received repeated and unwanted email may request that the address of the sender of this email be blocked, which will have the effect of preventing that email address from sending email to the campus. The email system administrator will gather and review evidence of the unwanted email. When there is a "real" address that can be replied to, the email system administrator will first attempt to inform the sender of the unwanted email that they should stop sending unsolicited messages to the campus. If the messages do not stop, the email administrator, in consultation with the Vice President for Information Resources, will decide whether or not to block the email address.
Unsolicited email that in some fashion causes the email server to slow down or disrupt campus communications will be immediately blocked to protect the integrity of the campus email service. In such instances, the email system administrator has the authority to act immediately and will inform the appropriate administrator of the action taken as soon as possible.


Threats of SPAM or other disruptions:

In cases where email SPAM or other undefined threats to our systems have been made but not actually carried out, the email system administrator will seek to determine the nature of the threat and gather evidence regarding the specifics. The email system administrator will review the matter with the Vice President for Information Resources, who will then consult with appropriate campus personnel to determine a course of action. Although, the email system administrator will normally not block email simply on the threat that someone may SPAM the campus. Email from known or previously identified SPAM sites may be blocked immediately if there appears to be reason to do so.