Alcohol on Campus

CSU Bakersfield Policy

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University Police
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Chief of Police
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CSUB is committed to creating a healthy working and learning environment in which illegal or improper use or possession of alcohol does not interfere with student learning, performance, or development, nor impede the ability to maintain a safe environment for our campus students, employees, and visitors.
This policy is intended to guide practices related to the use and possession of alcohol to create a safe and secure environment, and to consistently enforce laws and policies regarding the use and/or possession of alcohol.


Alcoholic Beverage: Includes alcohol, spirits, liquor, wine, beer, and every liquid or solid containing alcohol, spirits, wine, or beer, and which contains one-half of one percent or more of alcohol by volume and which is fit for beverage purposes either alone or when diluted, mixed, or combined with other substances.
Intoxication: A condition of alcohol influence causing one to be unable to exercise care for their own safety or the safety of others. (CA Penal Code §647(f)).
CSUB Property: Any real property, land, facility, or annex property thereof, which is owned, leased, licensed, rented, used, or otherwise controlled by CSUB.
University-sponsored Event: Any event, meeting, conference, party, or gathering that is conducted on CSUB property or that is conducted or sponsored off-campus by CSUB, or by a component thereof, or by an official, employee, or agent thereof, acting in their capacity as such, or by any club, team, or organization that is permitted to use the name of CSUB or that is officially affiliated with CSUB. Off-campus University-sponsored events typically include events funded by the University or activities offered for academic credit to students.


CSUB is committed to maintaining compliance with federal and state laws and CSU System-wide mandates and directives.  Students, employees, or visitors who violate state laws or University policies concerning alcoholic beverages on CSUB property shall be subject to criminal prosecution and/or institutional sanctions.
  1. The possession, consumption, or sale of alcoholic beverages on CSUB property is prohibited unless approved by the President of CSUB or his/her designee, and the Chief of Police.
  2. Any sale, furnishing, use, or consumption of an alcoholic beverage in violation of state or federal law, and/or CSU System-wide mandates, and/or CSUB policies is prohibited.
  3. No minors, any person under 21 years of age, shall be permitted to possess or consume alcoholic beverages on CSUB property.
  4. No minors, any person under twenty-one (21) years of age, while on CSUB property, shall be in attendance where alcoholic beverages are being sold, furnished, used, or consumed unless specific control procedures to prevent service to and consumption by minors is actively employed and approved by the President or the Chief of Police as outlined in the CSUB Events Policy. 
  5. Intoxication in any area of CSUB public property is prohibited.
  6. Attendance at a University-sponsored event where alcohol is allowed shall be limited to members of the sponsoring organization and their invited guests. 
  7. The sponsoring organization in charge of the approved event where alcohol is used or consumed is responsible for ensuring mechanisms are in place to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, University policies and procedures.
For additional rules and regulations pertaining to alcohol at University-sponsored events, including CSUB sponsored off-campus events, see CSUB interim policy on the Use of University Property and Time, Place and Manner Regulations, issued September 18, 2019.
On CSUB property, the CSUB Police Department and other law enforcement agencies can exercise police powers in enforcing state laws regarding the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages (CA B&P § 25620 and 25662). Violators of the law may be referred to the District Attorney for prosecution.  In addition to requesting prosecution under appropriate laws, CSUB may impose its own institutional sanctions against CSUB students and employees consistent with the terms of any applicable collective bargaining agreement and/or Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations. 
This policy does not apply to the use of alcohol inside CSUB student housing for individuals 21 years or older.  Rules and Regulations pertaining to the possession and consumption of alcohol in Student Housing are outlined in the CSUB Student Housing Residence Life Handbook.