First-year Experience and Capstone Management

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Academic Affairs
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Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
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To provide guidance on assignment of faculty members to first-year experience and capstone courses


First-year experience courses and capstone courses are part of the General Education curriculum at CSUB.


All faculty, staff, and administrators involved in assigned and implementing first-year experience and capstone courses.
CSUB FYE and Capstone Management Guidance
Rv. 4-29-2020
The General Education (GE) Program on the CSUB campus requires courses that provide a First-Year Experience (FYE) for incoming freshmen and a capstone course for graduating seniors.  However, there is currently no GE Department or program entity that can hire or manage faculty to deliver these courses.  Consequently, these courses are being delivered by the established academic departments on campus.  This situation is causing several issues, including
1.    Who determines how many of each type of class should be offered,
2.    Who determines when the classes should be offered,
3.    Who actually “builds” these classes in the PeopleSoft system,
4.    Who manages the part- time faculty hired exclusively for delivering these classes (e.g., hiring, evaluating, etc.), and 5) who gets the student revenue from the FTES generated by these classes?
To address the above issues and facilitate efficient and effective delivery of these classes, the following steps will be initiated.
1.    Based on the typical distribution of majors between schools, a model is developed by the GE Director, the Associate Deans, and all other parties with connection to the FYE that indicates what percentage of CSUB 1029 sections should be offered by each school. This model is reviewed regularly to account for shifting student demand.
2.    A rotation schedule is developed to determine which school takes responsibility for the single section of CSUB 49x9 that is needed every semester.  This should be based on the few remaining programs which have not incorporated the capstone requirement into their senior seminar course.
The GE Director role
Reporting to the AVP of Academic Programs and working with Enrollment Management, the director determines the number of CSUB 1029 sections required for each term, as well as a suggested time block distribution of the courses.
The School Associate Dean roles:
a. Working with the GE Director and the other School Associate Deans, the CSUB 1029 sections and their time blocks are divided among the Schools based on the previously determined percentages,
b.  Once each Associate Dean knows the number of each type of class to be covered by their School and the time blocks, they then work with their respective Department
Chairs to assign classes to be covered, and.  At the end of the term, the Associate Deans will ensure that evaluation requirements are met at the Department-level for each of the part-time faculty hired to teach CSUB 1029 or 4919 who are not already part of a regular review process, and to facilitate the transmission of the data to the GE program Director.
3) The Department roles:
a. Working with their respective Associate Dean, the Department Chairs will accept course responsibility for CSUB 1029 and/or CSUB 49x9 courses,
b. The Department Chair will recruit faculty to teach the classes in the time blocks needed, with their respective ASCs building the courses, and
c. At the end of the term, Department Chairs will ensure that the part-time faculty in these courses are evaluated and that assessment material, as requested by GE, is collected and transmitted to the GE Office.
4) Financing:
The FTES for these courses will go to the Departments.
To be reviewed episodically by the GE Director, AVP of Academic Affairs, and Provost