RTP Committee Policy Interpretation

CSU Bakersfield Policy

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Faculty Affairs
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Associate Vice President of Faculty Affairs
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To clarify University Handbook sections  305.6. and 306


Clarifies policies on RTP committees


All academic departments with members undergoing review or evaluation

1 The probationary and tenured faculty of each department or equivalent unit shall elect from among its tenured faculty members one committee for each of the following  RTP cycles: fall review of second-year faculty, fall review of third- through sixth year probationary faculty  and tenured faculty requesting promotion, fall review of tenured faculty undergoing post-tenure review who are not requesting promotions, and spring review of first-year probationary faculty and lecturers .  (305.6.1.a, 305.6.2, and 306.3.f)

2 Each committee shall consist of no fewer than three full-time tenured faculty members from within the department. (305.6.1.f, 306.2.2.g, and 306.3.f)

3 Except for faculty members being reviewed who are at the top rank (professor or equivalent), all members of the committee must be of a higher rank than the faculty members that the committee is reviewing. (305.6.1.h, 306.2.2.g, and 306.3.f)

4 Faculty members who are undergoing post-tenure review may serve on RTP committees for probationary and temporary faculty unless they are requesting promotion during that academic year, but those who are undergoing post-tenure review may not serve on any post-tenure review committees during that academic year. (305.6.1.j and 306.3.h)

5 If a department does not have enough eligible faculty members to constitute a committee, the department shall elect enough qualified faculty members from other departments to fill the vacancies.  This provision does not allow qualified faculty members from within the department to be replaced by faculty members from outside the department. (305.6.1.f)

6 Nothing in the Handbook prevents the same individuals from serving on two or more committees.

7 This interpretation does not address all of the elements of the RTP process, so please refer to relevant sections of the Handbook for additional details.

The AVP of Faculty Affairs should review this interpretation when relevant sections of the Handbook change.

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